We started our journey in Switzerland as RPO pioneers with the goal to deliver better recruitment solutions for companies and organizations. From there, we have evolved across Europe and the Middle East as talent acquisition partner, growing together with our clients.

The European market, in its political, cultural, and economic complexity, is a challenge when it comes to recruitment. 47 different countries, 24 official languages; cultural, legal, political, and economic diversity at its best.

How to organize the Recruiting in a geographic region with so many distinctions, especially when your corporate structure requires in some countries only a few recruitments a year? We review this challenge in our blog Recruiting in Europe - A Nightmare?, in more depth, also highlighting differences between global and regional RPO providers – check it out.

From Local to Regional - we serve Europe

Serendi is the specialist for recruitment outsourcing in Europe. Our international teams draw from their language knowledge and cultural sensitivity to successfully deliver across national borders, language differences, and cultural particularities in Europe.

Today we serve our clients in over 25 countries, from Ireland to Serbia, from Poland to Spain, from Finland to Italy. Our diverse teams, with over 21 nationalities, fluently speak 18 European languages. We understand your business – regardless of where in Europe or the Middle East.

Diversity is our core

For every European country, we know where and how to find, approach, and attract the best candidates. With our multilingual talent sourcing experts we can speak to most of the candidates in the language they feel comfortable with.

And even if you recruit in some countries only for a few positions a year you can build on our infrastructure with our eight European service hubs. One will be close enough to serve your business at the same quality level as in your main hiring countries.  We strongly believe that a „one fits it all“ delivery structure does not match the European diversity. In all countries, we apply our highly appreciated flexible pricing model based on your number of positions and our performance for successfully closing them. Please find more about our transactional pricing model here.

All this is why we are an award-winning  European RPO leader.

From Local to Global - we source worldwide

In our talent sourcing, we have successfully proven our approach to even deliver from global talent markets. Based on our capability of sourcing candidates from over 100 countries we have been selected by various international organizations for assuring geographic diversity in their talent pipelines.

We speak European!

Find out how we can tailor a European solution for you.