We strongly believe in solutions that take the best from two worlds: the centralized Sourcing Center approach combined with the daily onsite interaction within our client's organization.

The Embedded Part

Recruitment is people business and we believe that it needs real people for doing it. We embed our experienced and highly skilled recruiters onsite at your offices, right at the heart of your organization. They are available in person throughout the high- touch process steps for your managers and HR and of course for candidates during the interviewing and selection phase.

The Centralized Part

Nowadays talent acquisition operates in a fast-paced environment. To identify and attract the best talent on the market it needs experience, knowledge, and technology. For this reason, we operate our talent sourcing out of a Sourcing Center to assure that our sourcing consultants can benefit from a knowledge center set-up and are at any time fully up-to-date with the latest technologies, tools, and methodologies. So they can bring 360° sourcing strategies to life by identifying and preselecting the best talent for your organization and assure flawless processes with back-end coordination and data management.

We are also able to flex and scale to changing hiring volumes at our clients. Further on, our expert teams for recruitment marketing, recruitment technology as well as recruitment intelligence are based in our centralized Sourcing Center, working closely with the various client delivery teams for advancing the daily delivery.

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