Two Worlds in One Solution

Imagine you would have a fully dedicated team available for your organization as recruitment needs emerge. While expert sourcers work on 360° Talent Acquisition strategies to identify and approach the best talent for your vacancies, onsite recruiters drive consistent and smooth selection processes to bring this talent into your organization.

We make this real with our unique combined on- and offsite model, that reunites the best from these two worlds.

360° Talent Reach

You know that the talent your organization needs is somewhere out there. We know how to find it. With our talent sourcing strategies, we identify and approach active and passive candidates in every potential talent market. In addition to that, our sourcing experts maintain up-to-date pipelines and meaningful talent communities for you.

All Serendi RPO solutions include a state-of-the-art talent sourcing because we want to find the best talent for you.

Consistent & Quality Driven Process

You are aiming for a fully structured recruitment process across functions, sites, and geographies – allowing you to hire the right talent at the right time!

We know how to build a consistent and compliant recruitment delivery to assure that your organization hires the right talent through the best process – consistently across all locations with providing the best candidate journey and stakeholder experience.

Performance Management & Governance

The time of black boxes in recruitment is over. Transparency to stakeholders is key for managing their expectations and experiences. Our clear, clean and consistent KPIs and reports facilitate monitoring and improving the recruitment delivery retrospectively and in real-time.

Our solutions have full transparency build in and we deliver alongside a set of meaningful KPIs on which we provide you with regular analytics, reports, and insights for continuous improvement.

Cost Efficiency

Cost transparency and efficiency matter. To a large degree, recruitment follows the cost-by-cause principle and is increasingly considered as such. Cost efficiencies are usually gained by reducing agency hires and increasing direct candidates through sourcing activities.

We price our services on a transactional and performance basis, which gives you the advantage to transform fixed overhead costs into variable costs and to pay only for what you need and get.

Let us tailor a perfect RPO solution for you.