Having a dedicated sourcing function is one of the most critical success factors for hiring the best talent in the marketplace, as it assures targeting active and passive candidates on all relevant channels for ongoing recruitments as well as for talent communities.

Know-How and Technology

For not getting stuck with only the usual job boards and professional networks, a solid sourcing strategy and specialist technology are required. At Serendi we leverage this by experienced and knowledgeable sourcing recruiters who invest considerable time and bring their specific and flexible language skills as main assets. On top of this, a thorough knowledge and innovation management is indispensable since they operate in a fast-moving environment with innovative recruiting tools and cutting-edge hiring technologies at hand.

Make or Buy

While large corporates may have built inhouse sourcing capabilities, mid-size organizations counter these efforts by relying on a network of external providers on a case-by-case basis. Such selective approaches do not allow for leveraging the full power of a comprehensive sourcing function, due to the lack of synergies and long-term candidate engagements.

Within a Serendi RPO partnership, the dedicated sourcing function is one of the key features of our next-generation recruitment solutions. This way, your organization can benefit from our sourcing knowledge, technology, and resources without having to invest yourselves.

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