• Fiona Thiele

Recruiting in Europe - A Nightmare?

Recruiting in Europe can easily become a nightmare for Global Talent Acquisition Leaders: 47 different countries, 24 official languages only in the European Union, the European Economic Area, and associated countries.

Recruiting in a geographic region with so many distinctions is more than a challenge, especially when your corporate structure requires in some countries only a few recruitments a year.

Global recruitment managers, who are not based in Europe, tend to overcome this challenge in two ways: either they leave the recruitment challenge to their local HR leaders or they ask their RPO partner to cover also Europe through an alliance or the RPO’s own presence.

Keeping it with your internal teams will most likely impact recruitment quality and consistency. Smaller units in Europe will not have the band-with to leverage excellence in recruitment. Doing active candidate sourcing for maybe only 5 or 10 positions a year in some countries? Building talent communities, following consistent processes, complying with corporate requirements, ensuring a high-quality selection process, not over-using external headhunters and agencies for cost reasons - this is a tough job to manage and control across all the European countries, languages, and cultural areas your company is operating in.

Turning to a global RPO provider will save you a lot of coordination realignment efforts. However, very often global RPO programs do not work out as expected because the selected vendor has not the same experience and understanding of the talent markets in other regions than its home base geography.

The most successful RPO programs are the ones that operate with one RPO vendor in each geographic region. Normally these regions are defined as North America and Latin America or together as “Americas”, Europe, Middle East, and Africa as “EMEA” and then Asia and Pacific as “APAC”. These three to four regions should cover your global recruitment needs.

Well, you might be saying – my job does not allow me to coordinate 3 to 4 different vendors. Yes, but... - just imagine how important the success of your talent acquisition operation in geography with such a diverse linguistic, cultural and legal structure is.

We recommend to benchmark and select the best in class RPO provider of each region. Then you can manage each provider in your preferred operational framework of KPIs, processes, and standards – but also allow adaptions to regional differences. That is the learning out of our 15+ years of experience in global and regional RPO.

Serendi has its focus on Europe and the EMEA region. We deliver recruitment in 28 countries in Europe, our consultants speak 18 different European languages and we operate service hubs in 8 different countries. From Finland to Spain, from Ireland to Greece, from Russia to Germany - we understand the European talent landscape and we do understand and can serve your business in all European countries. Regardless of whether you have a big operation in Germany and a few sales positions in Bulgaria or whether your EMEA headquarter is in the Netherlands and your production sites are in France.

If you are looking for a recruitment solution for your European or EMEA business operation you should speak to one of our consultants to find out how Serendi could support your recruitment in this very complex geography.

If you are still wondering if going RPO is the right thing to do for your organization and the specific challenges your Talent Acquisition is facing, check out our RPO Quick Guide to find out more and to define your organization’s RPO suitability score. Download our RPO Quick Guide here.