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D - A - CH

Having a Swiss DNA and a strong track record in the D-A-CH (Germany – Austria – Switzerland) region, these countries have been the starting point for our European growth.

Germany, Austria, and Switzerland are our base countries,  where the Serendi journey started. Here we serve single locations and many global or regional headquarters as part of a European RPO solution, across all industries, including Automotive, Industrial, Engineering, Financial Services, Life Science, Consultancy, Transportation, and many more.

Our presence in this regional cluster is predominantly on our clients’ site and supported by the Recruitment Center of Excellence in the bilingual city of Fribourg (Switzerland). The embedded teams rely on close collaboration with the sourcing experts in our Sourcing Center to deliver the best talent to our clients. Our offices in Berlin, Frankfurt, Fribourg, Geneva, Munich, and Zurich support Serendi's local and regional market presence.


Let’s discover together how your tailored solution could look like for the D-A-CH region.

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