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The Nordic countries cluster includes Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

This region is a growing player in recruitment outsourcing and appears on Serendi’s map since spring 2022. With a going live at the beginning of 2022, our new office for the region is based in Stockholm (Sweden).

Our long-standing experience and knowledge of local idioms, culture, legislation, economies, and talent markets in the Nordics, put us in a favorable position.

For years, the Nordics have been part of our 360° talent reach approach. Until now, we have been serving the area out of our other regional hubs. Our Pharma, R&D, Chemicals, and Industrial clients were keen to see the full implementation of onsite teams in the Nordics region, as part of a truly European solution. That is why we decided to launch our Nordics hub in Stockholm, Sweden, by the beginning of 2022.

Thanks to our tailor-made solutions, with flexible costs, we can efficiently serve the Nordic markets where our clients experience limited hiring numbers. We provide the same level of service quality as in high-volume countries.


Let’s discover how we could support you in the Nordic region

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