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Our South-Western European cluster covers France, Italy, Portugal, and Spain.

In this cluster, we have built partnerships to deliver RPO solutions to IT Services, Chemicals, Automotive, Industrial, Life Science, and Sales organizations.

Our regional office in Paris supports Serendi's overall presence in this area and coordinates our teams, mainly working onsite on our regional clients’ accounts.

Our Iberian hub serves clients with hiring needs in Spain and Portugal with the support of our Spanish and Portuguese-speaking recruitment and sourcing specialists, who screen not only the Iberian talent markets but also beyond.

Our Paris hub covers all French-speaking countries, i.e., France, Wallonia (the French-speaking part of Belgium), Luxembourg, and the French-speaking African countries.

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We serve our clients with hiring needs in Italy through our Italian-speaking recruitment experts in the Budapest Sourcing Center, who also have in-depth knowledge of the Italian talent market.

Free consultation - Let’s discover how we could support you in the France-Iberia-Italy region

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