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Our South-Eastern Europe cluster includes Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Kosovo, North-Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, and Slovenia.

In this region, we currently serve clients from the Manufacturing, Life Sciences, Chemical, and Services industries. The region's recent emergence as an economic player has allowed us to support various greenfield developments. We successfully helped our clients ramp up their new production sites with the recruitment of up to 3.000 employees, through operations aligned with the standards and processes of their other European locations.

Our hub for this country cluster is located right at its center, in Nis, Serbia. Nis is the home base of our onsite and offsite teams in the region. Their members speak different regional languages and have a proven successful track record with our clients.

Serendi’s Nis center is also housing specialist teams in the fields of Data Analytics, Digital Recruitment Marketing, and Sourcing Technology.


The region is increasingly attracting investments, mostly greenfield, which has provoked a battle for talent and created a strong need for recruitment services. We leverage our candidate database and thorough knowledge of the local economy, laws, and political situation, all in your favor.

If you plan a greenfield investment, book a free consultation

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