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We aim for our clients to excel in their Talent Acquisition strategy. We believe that its foundation lays in operational excellence, daily recruitment delivery, and sustainable solutions to ensure mid-term talent supply.

Serendi’s talent advisory services allow for partnership with our clients in order to design, co-create, and deliver consultative talent recruitment solutions. We so ensure the development of long-term, integrated strategies, tied to your business objectives, results, and shareholder value.

We invest in building a true partnership based on best practices and client satisfaction. We work hand-in-hand at designing a solution that is linked to your specific talent challenges and business results.



As the starting point, it is all about understanding your longer-term talent strategies, challenges, and objectives. With this in mind, we need to know you and your organization and understand your Talent Acquisition function.


You will have the opportunity to learn from our extensive market insight and experience, industry benchmarks, and best practices. You will discover out-of-the-box solutions applicable to the Talent Acquisition function.



Our clients are all different and none of our deliverables are “cookie-cutter”. We build your customized solution, based on your needs, that includes the learnings from our experience and market benchmarks, within the scope of one of our three service categories.


We bring your tailor-made Talent Acquisition solution to life and strive to enter into a longer-term collaboration, aiming for continuous improvement and full stakeholder satisfaction.

Speak to us about your organization's specific requirements.

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