Measuring and monitoring metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) around speed, quality, sustainability, diversity and cost of recruitments have become quintessential for the Talent Acquisition function.

From KPIs to Implications

Recruitment Analytics are key to draw meaningful insights from metrics. With solid reporting tools and benchmarks supporting this approach. In a Talent Acquisition partnership, we permanently measure, report and analyze your recruitment metrics, and in regular review meetings, we develop together with your continuous improvement and innovation strategies.

Historical vs. Real-time Insights

In the real world, organizations struggle with consolidating recruitment data, formulating meaningful metrics and analyzing the results for an ongoing improvement process systematically. While retrospective data show historical performance trends and support strategic Talent Acquisition decisions, monitoring the performance of the recruitment operation in real-time provides a competitive edge by allowing highly responsive realignments.

With us, as your embedded Talent Acquisition partner this will become part of your recruitment reality since our Data Analyst experts will permanently track and report your recruitment metrics in real-time.

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