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Serendi is Europe’s expert for Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Talent Sourcing, and Project Recruitment.

We serve companies and organizations with significant hiring needs. Our three different service lines allow you to attract the right talent at the right time, from end-to-end Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) and Talent Sourcing to Project Recruitment.

Digital talent sourcing, embedded recruitment specialists, a high-quality recruitment process, and a true partnership form the core of Serendi's approach.

Think Agile HR

Think RPO



Serendi’s end-to-end RPO solutions aim for adding top candidates to your recruitment process and enabling you to hire the right ones.

We provide end-to-end recruitment solutions along the whole talent acquisition process chain (see on the right) – for external and internal hires - locally, regionally, or throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA).

Advantage 1: Embedded Partners








Serendi delivers end-to-end recruitment solutions onsite at your facilities - as if we were your internal recruitment team. Our recruitment experts work in close collaboration with your HR and line managers, embedded into your organization. They select, hire, and onboard the best talent for you - day after day.

Advantage 2: Recruitment Intelligence

Our experts rely on our offshore sourcing specialists who are constantly scanning the market to attract and engage the right candidates for your open positions. Your benefits: digital talent sourcing, talent communities, hiring metrics, and recruitment under your brand name, including best practices and regular reporting.

Find out how our solution can be tailored to your needs.

talent sourcing


Talent sourcing capabilities are a critical success factor in the quest for the best talent. We use the 360° Talent Sourcing methodology to identify and approach candidates in your name, in every corner of the global talent market. We leverage the latest sourcing techniques by making use of all relevant channels for your external hiring needs.

Your Approach: Tandem Solution

You wish to keep recruitment in-house while continuously receiving the best-qualified candidates for your open positions? Serendi’s talent sourcing service finds the best talent for your external positions and you stay in control of the selection part. We screen active candidates, approach passive professionals and build talent communities as we go.

Your Benefit: Focus for your HR

By putting the candidate attraction and handling into our hands, your in-house HR and line managers can focus on the selection and assessment part. They know that sourcing, recruitment marketing, and talent targeting are in the reliable hands of Serendi's sourcing experts.


Serendi is recognized as one of the best EMEA RPO providers 2020 in the HRO Today's Baker’s Dozen RPO Ratings


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prject recruitment


Your business keeps on changing, so you need the same adaptability in your talent acquisition department. We support your recruitment projects on a flexible basis and according to your requirements. Serendi tailors its project recruitment activity to your timing, geography, and process scope – all over Europe.

Temporary Recruitment Projects

You need to ramp up a business project, staff a new green-field production site, or run a dedicated recruitment campaign? We provide a range of support modules to add capacity to your recruitment teams on a temporary basis.

Partial Recruitment Support

You want to keep the larger piece of your recruitment process in-house but need support during specific recruitment steps? Serendi supports you during certain stages of the talent acquisition process, such as application management, scheduling interview scheduling, and background checks.

Staffing a Greenfield Production in Southern Europe

  Global Automotive Supplier

  Location: Southern Serbia

  Recruited 1.700 staff within 4 years

  1.000 blue-collar, 700 white-collar

  27.000 candidates in talent pools

  Average time to hire: 24 days

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