• Fiona Thiele

Is your recruiting agile enough?

A recent study among 7’300 business executives and HR leaders has shown that the highest risk in Human Capital is the excessive time to fill open positions.

How can your recruitment function be agile enough to meet the hiring requirements of your business?

Yes, you might have built an inhouse recruitment team which is exactly knowing the needs of your organization. But let’s face it – either you do not have the resources to maximize the operational recruitment efforts or your team is so involved in strategic topics that there is not enough room for the daily recruitment operations.

Or, your recruitments are also handled by your HR business partners, then either their core tasks suffer during recruitment peaks or recruitment suffers because their focus is on their other core tasks.

Agility comes with focus. If your inhouse talent acquisition experts want to prepare your organization for the challenges of the next century they need to work on strategies how to get the required talent into your organization: building a strong employer brand, planning the needed workforce well ahead, defining the profiles that are business-critical in an increasingly disruptive environment.

And your HR business partners should be free to really “partner” with the business, to listen, understand, and contribute and to retain and develop the talent you already have in your organization. The more you can use your existing talent the less you need to hire from outside.

So why not take the hustle of daily recruitment operations off the shoulders? You could liaise with an external partner for your tactical recruitment and allow your in-house HR experts to really focus on your company’s business needs and the organizational challenges of the future.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing – an odd name for an agile concept – is the right keyword here. A true Talent Acquisition Partner can deliver the external talent you need through a centralized service approach combined with embedded recruitment experts who work onsite within your organization.

Better talent, higher quality, lower cost – agile.

Are you now wondering if going RPO is the right thing to do for your organization and the specific challenges your Talent Acquisition is facing? Check out our RPO Quick Guide to find out more and to define your organization’s RPO suitability score. Download our RPO Quick Guide here.

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