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  • Recruiting for a manufacturing ramp-up in new geography (Serbia) while assuring that processes and policies follow the existing corporate standards.


  • International supplier to the automotive industry seeking to relocate some manufacturing from Asia back to Southern Europe for cost reasons and centralizing some corporate function where the talent is available (IT, Supply Chain, etc.)

  • Building on the European RPO solution and extending this to the new location and plant for the ramp-up of 1.700 staff within 4 years (1.000 blue-collar, 700 white-collar)

  • Importance to assure the same standard recruitment processes and procedures while being translated to high-volume blue-collar recruitment

  • The client decided to extend the existing RPO partnership with Serendi based on the successful track record and trusted collaboration. Intention to have consistency across the region (all out of one hand)


  • Building in the recruitment team scalability to assure the phased growth plan could be delivered, as new production lines went live in waves

  • Deploying a standard European recruitment process and policies for white-collar hires. Setting up an adjusted process version for blue-collar hiring which is compliant with the key points of the standard process and policies

  • Adjusting the fee framework for blue-collar hiring to be fully transactional and reflecting the reality of volume selection  recruitment in waves

  • Meeting governmental requirements resulting from the direct investment incentive plan (e.g. ratio of hires to come out of unemployment)

Some Insights

  • 1.700 staff employed after 4 years, operating 84 production lines (component production and assembly) - on target

  • Established a desirable employer brand in the region, average candidate satisfaction: 5.0 out of 6

  • In 2018, our client was ranked 34 out of 3.000 companies in a survey regarding employer attractiveness

  • Talent pools built: 25.000 profiles for blue-collar, 1.300 qualified profiles for white-collar

  • The ratio of internal hires (promotion rate) after 4 years: 21%


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