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Thriving Together: A Dive into Serendi's Well-Being Initiative

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During the global challenges of recent times, we started hearing a lot about well-being. However, what does that term exactly mean?


Well-being refers to the overall state of a person's health and happiness, encompassing various aspects of an individual's life, including physical, mental, and social dimensions. A person with a high level of well-being experiences satisfaction and positive functioning in different areas of life. Well-being can also empower individuals to face challenges successfully and maintain a work-life balance in their lives.


It is a bit of both — created and curated. Think of it as a masterpiece that's a combination of innate factors and intentional choices. Some aspects of well-being are shaped by genetics and circumstances, while others can be influenced by the decisions we make and the way we navigate life and work. It's a dynamic interplay between nature and nurture.


What are the most important components of well-being?


  • Physical Health: Prioritizing well-being contributes to better physical health, reducing the risk of illnesses and promoting longevity.

  • Mental Health: Well-being is closely tied to mental health, fostering resilience and better coping mechanisms.

  • Productivity and Performance: Employees with high levels of well-being are more focused, engaged, and productive.

  • Relationships: A sense of well-being positively impacts interpersonal relationships, fostering healthy connections both personally and professionally.

  • Resilience: Individuals with good well-being tend to be more resilient, which means they are better equipped to handle stress and setbacks and adapt to changes more effectively.

  • Social Impact: Beyond personal benefits, individual well-being contributes to the overall health of communities and societies. Healthy, happy individuals are more likely to engage in social and community activities, fostering a positive collective well-being.


How did the Well-being program start at Serendi?

Since the pandemic, our employees have been primarily working from home offices. While this arrangement has proven to be comfortable and efficient on one hand, on the other hand - it has also resulted in fewer opportunities for people to connect with each other, impacting team bonding and cohesion.


With a dedicated team, we have started working on this new initiative within the company to support our colleagues in focusing on mental health more effectively and frequently. Our goal is to provide examples and methods that allow everybody to gain their own experience and understand how it influences their general feelings and well-being.


The first event was arranged by our Hungarian team in Budapest, while all our colleagues from different countries were involved online as well. We started the morning with a short meditation to cleanse and refresh our minds and, after the workday, concluded with a yoga session to move our bodies and clear our minds. It was very exciting to conduct both sessions partially in person and online. This new experience created a supportive and open atmosphere, allowing us to connect differently than on a typical working day. The feedback was highly positive after this day, encouraging us to continue this new initiative within the company.


The next event was organized by our Serbian team in Niš, and the same as in the previous event, all colleagues had the opportunity to join online. In the morning, we began the day with meditation and focus techniques that we could try in real-time. Additionally, we received a calendar “30 Days: Mental Wellness Challenge” that includes ways to improve our mental and physical health daily with some positive actions like “Eat a healthy breakfast” or “Call or text an old friend”.  The middle of the day was reserved for healthy and nutritious meals for everybody, full of proteins, vitamins, minerals, vegetables, and fruits. Before concluding our workday, we had the chance to participate in a fun and joyful game.


These sessions allowed us to break away from our usual work routine, engage in unconventional activities, build connections with our colleagues, and exchange our experiences.

We know that events at a company play a crucial role in fostering a positive work environment. Well-being days at Serendi provided our employees with opportunities to unwind, relax, and prioritize their mental and physical health. In addition, the informal nature of these sessions created an open and approachable atmosphere, encouraging team members to communicate more freely and build stronger professional relationships.


We delightedly plan to continue these impactful sessions. By investing in well-being today and in the future, Serendi aims not only to show a commitment to the health and happiness of its people but also to enhance employee morale and overall job satisfaction.


Our ongoing effort is to create awareness that well-being is something we can curate during working hours, and not only off work.


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