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A Testimonial from LNDS: Transforming Talent Acquisition Together

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Hello from Matthieu Paret, Head of People at Luxembourg National Data Service (LNDS).  We are an economic interest group created in 2022 by the Luxembourg Government, to implement Luxembourg’s strategies in research, innovation, and digitalization. LNDS enables value creation from the secondary use of data, for public and private partners and supports the sharing and re-use of public sector data, in a trustable manner.

Before partnering with Serendi, we had no internal dedicated resources to manage talent acquisition/recruitment. This was the main challenge we faced before starting our search for a trusted recruitment partner.

Serendi, with its commitment to tailored solutions, emerged as a promising option for LNDS. We have outsourced part of our Talent Acquisition department to Serendi including requisition management, job postings, candidate sourcing, candidate selection and interview scheduling.

When we embarked on this journey, a team Serendi dedicated to LNDS joined us in Luxembourg to introduce themselves to our teams and discuss about our collaboration and future processes. They also took the opportunity to see our office and surroundings and get a glimpse of our internal culture.

In the following months, we launched various intake meetings to explain our recruitment needs and the type of candidates we were looking for.

Client testimonial for RPO, Serendi RPO review, Serendi RPO client testimonial, Client testimonial for recruitment outsourcing

The team always tried to better understand our requirements, positions, and profiles along the way. Even when we had some back-and-forths after interviews or candidate selection, they wanted to reflect and improve the processes and the candidate sourcing. We worked in an agile manner and nicely adapted depending on the situation and changes. This is how the team dedicated to LNDS went above and beyond for us.

The result of these efforts is that the pre-selected candidates were quite good and fit our requirements for most of our positions. For some more complicated or niche positions, it took additional work for Serendi to understand our requirements, the market, where to source candidates etc. but working together as partners paid off and they were able to find the candidates who matched our needs.

With the help of Serendi, we found and hired 20 people in 6 months which was very important for us and our growth.

LNDS chose Serendi over other RPO providers because of cost, the success rate of placement, good knowledge of technology and public sector organisations, and their relatively medium-sized RPO.

The experience and results achieved through Serendi’s services? Our collaboration is continuing, so we can easily say that we are well satisfied.

What makes us the happiest about choosing Serendi is our great agile collaboration and nice team.

I would recommend Serendi’s services to other companies who might be hesitant considering all the elements mentioned previously.


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