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Recruitment Success with Serendi's new RPO and Talent Acquisition Solutions

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Fribourg, April 2024 – Serendi is a leading Talent Acquisition and RPO company successfully connecting candidates with great job opportunities since 2012. As a passionate team of recruitment experts with European DNA, we believe that organizations with midsize hiring volumes do not need to leave the field to large corporations when recruiting the best talent.

Over the years, we carefully listened to our clients – their needs, pain points and recruitment strategies. Our daily activities matched these goals and we have been known for successfully delivering our core solutions day in and day out. This journey, rooted in more than a decade of recruitment excellence, has led us to refine our offerings by creating standalone services, in addition to our core solutions. Now, we are thrilled to introduce this expanded range of services, designed to cater to our clients’ evolving recruitment needs with precision.

Serendi’s service lines are now divided into two segments: Recruitment Solutions and Talent Programs. Here is the list of all service lines for an easy overview:

Recruitment Solutions

  • End-To-End RPO

  • Hybrid RPO

  • Project RPO

  • On-demand RPO

  • Talent Sourcing

Talent Programs

  • Talent Pipelining

  • Early Careers

  • DEI Initiatives

  • Recruitment Marketing

Let’s dive deeper into each service line.

Recruitment Solutions

End-To-End RPO

Our full-swing solution to your recruitment challenges.

End-to-End RPO is a comprehensive outsourcing of the entire recruitment process, from start to finish. This includes all stages of the recruitment lifecycle, from job requisition and candidate sourcing to offer management. The goal is to streamline the recruitment process, improve the quality of hires, and enhance overall efficiency. This is one of our core service lines we have been successfully delivering since our beginning. Its great characteristic is the whole team of recruitment experts that can be fully dedicated to you - branded. They will integrate the latest market intelligence into your recruitment strategy and bring a great quality of hire for each role.

Hybrid RPO

Maximizes your flexibility by blending in-house and outsourced recruitment seamlessly.

Our Hybrid RPO smoothly integrates with your existing in-house talent acquisition team, ensuring an efficient and flexible end-to-end talent acquisition process. We enhance your team's capabilities by merging their insider knowledge with our industry expertise. This grants you the flexibility to direct your in-house team towards strategic recruitments, while we handle the assigned scope. The Hybrid RPO model also offers you the agility to scale up or down as required.

Project RPO

Delivering recruitment projects with speed and cost-effectiveness.

Project RPO is a targeted solution with a defined start and end date, tailor-made for short-term, urgent, seasonal, or niche hiring needs, or to support during periods of limited recruitment capacity. This approach proves particularly effective for initiatives like product launches, new location openings, or similar events demanding hiring beyond the usual volume.

On-demand RPO

Plug in for recruitment assistance, unplug when you’re set: An adaptable, on-demand hiring solution.

On-Demand RPO allows you to activate dedicated recruiters at your call, and seamlessly place them on stand-by when recruitment support isn’t paramount, bypassing the extended commitments that the traditional RPO model demands. With Serendi, you're not just securing recruiters on lease – you're unlocking an entire Talent Acquisition team without the commitment to long-term obligations.

Talent Sourcing

From dream role to dream candidate: Talent sourcing that resonates with your brand.

Our Talent Sourcing is meticulously crafted to zero on candidates who not only match the role but also resonate with your company's culture and vision. With this solution, we deliver pre-qualified shortlists of candidates to your recruitment team. They can seamlessly integrate these candidates directly into the selection process together with your line business.

Talent Programs

Talent Pipelining

Accelerate your hiring for recurring positions with ready-made talent pipelines.

Our Talent Pipelining program is designed to proactively build and maintain active talent pipelines for your recurrent roles. When the need for backfill or new hires arises, rest assured – we've already curated a talent pipeline waiting for you. The greatest benefit is that you will have full ownership of all presented candidates, so you can leverage your resources for other internal activities.

Early Careers

From classroom to boardroom, we nurture the pipeline for your future high performers.

Early Careers is a program designed to future-proof your business by cultivating a dynamic talent pool prepared for diverse leadership roles. Led by a precise implementation, we are conveying your company's cultural essence to young talent communities and elevating your reputation as a top-choice employer.

DEI Initiatives

Diversity, equity & inclusion – recruitment for a workforce reflective of the diverse world around us.

Serendi’s DEI Initiatives introduce diverse talent into your organization without the burdensome task of allocating internal resources. Together, we will identify which DEI demographics you aim to bolster, conceptualize specialized recruitment strategies, efficiently engage with candidates from your desired diversity categories and represent your company with a cultural sensitivity edge.

Recruitment Marketing

Maximize your job postings exposure with our specialized recruitment marketing campaigns.

With our Recruitment Marketing Program, add the extra zing to your specific job roles that require added visibility in the talent market. We ensure that your positions don't just blend into the digital noise and that your employer brand resonates, all by leveraging the latest AI analytics, targeted content strategies, and multimedia campaigns.

Your Trusted Ally

Whether you require a Recruitment Solution for a full-swing, market intelligence, adaptability, speed and cost-effectiveness, or a Talent Program for proactive hiring, nurturing future leaders, and enhancing your employer brand - we have you covered.

At Serendi, we are committed to delivering tangible results, aligning with your unique objectives, and exceeding your expectations. Our team of recruitment experts stands ready to partner with you on your journey to success.

Get in touch with us to explore how our services can propel your talent acquisition efforts to new heights.


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