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Serendi Recognized as a Major Contender and a Star Performer for RPO in EMEA

Everest Group PEAK Matrix® 2023

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If there is a benchmarked standard of excellence in the evaluation of the market and exemplary reporting, it is Everest Group’s analysis. Highly trusted by the biggest names in various industries, it is based on verifiable facts regarding the market success and overall delivery capability of service providers analysed.

We are proudly announcing that Serendi has been recognized as a Star Performer and a Major Contender in RPO services in EMEA by the prestigious Everest Group in their report - "Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2023 – EMEA". The remarkable achievement of being a Major Contender is our consecutive placement, following last year’s placement as a Major Contender. The new title for us is a Star Performer. We are particularly proud of this one since it is reflecting our year-to-year success. Specifically, Everest Group recognized our Vision and Capability as meaningful and contributing ones.

Everest Group's PEAK Matrix is widely regarded as the gold standard in evaluating market success and service provider capabilities, covering over 50 diverse market segments annually. For the 2023 RPO Services PEAK Matrix, Everest Group analysed the performance of 25 industry-leading RPO providers, making this recognition a true testament to our commitment and expertise.

Serendi gladly took part in this research for the market’s finest RPO providers, since we wanted to share with the world what we believe in every day - delivering outstanding services to our clients. Considered by us - it is a great part of our journey in bringing The Next Generation of RPO.

To learn more about this year’s report, please visit Everest Group’s website.

“We take great pride in receiving this distinguished recognition in RPO by Everest Group. It is a testament to the relentless dedication and unwavering commitment of our team and also a reflection of the trust and support of our esteemed clients. This award symbolizes a milestone in our journey, representing years of hard work, and the pursuit of excellence.” shares Claus-Peter Sommer, the CEO of Serendi.

Fiona-Sophie Grube, the Chief Delivery Officer at Serendi, expresses her excitement, saying- “Everest Group recognized the vision & capability we have and show daily to our clients, delivering the agile service and swiftly overcoming challenges- our adaptability to changing market conditions did not go unnoticed. The new age requires new skills- we are leveraging technology on different levels, combining it with creative thinking and passion. Together with a true European DNA, it ensures the best talent for each position profile we deliver and propels us toward new successes.”

Best-fit talent despite the industry

At Serendi, we understand the transformative power of exceptional talent. Today's rapidly evolving economy demands innovative strategies to attract and retain the best candidates. This recognition from Everest Group exemplifies the results of our consultative approach with our clients in finding the best-fit talent for their needs- skills-wise and mindset-wise.

With vast experience across different industries- from Life Science to Hi-Tech, this commitment is our silver lining when overcoming all the challenges along the recruitment process.

To explore more about Serendi and our transformative services, we invite you to contact us today. Together, we will unlock the potential of talent and shape a brighter future for your organization.


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