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Serendi's Global Expansion: Greetings from Our New APAC Hub in India!

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Fribourg, Switzerland, January 2024 - Welcoming the new year with excitement, we are thrilled to share a significant stride in our global journey. Serendi proudly announces its expansion into new horizons, establishing a presence in the heart of New Delhi, India.

The inauguration of our latest office signifies a strategic milestone for our award-winning Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) company. Committed to meeting the global demands of our Europe-based clients, this expansion underlines our dedication to delivering excellence on a worldwide scale.

Embracing India's Rich Cultural Tapestry in Talent Acquisition

What distinguishes India's talent pool? It's not just technical prowess and qualifications; it's the dynamic, highly skilled workforce recognized worldwide. Beyond technical skills, Indian professionals bring a unique blend of knowledge, talent, and cultural values to the global stage.

And this is precisely why an increasing number of our clients are extending their operations into India. To better align with our clients' global recruitment requirements, we've chosen to establish this new regional hub in an area with substantial local demand, serving as a path into other Asian countries.

Gateway to Talent in the APAC Region

This expansion is more than a business decision; it's a testament to our worldview. Here's our purpose:

  • Meeting Clients' Global Demands: Demonstrating commitment to supporting clients worldwide.

  • Global Service Delivery: Providing diverse recruitment solutions globally.

  • Strategic Market Expansion: Understanding local dynamics in the APAC region.

  • Operational Optimization: Streamlining processes for efficiency and cost reduction for our clients.

  • Global Talent Access: Tapping into diverse talent pools on the Asian continent.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing, RPO, Serendi, Serendi global expansion, APAC recruitment, India recruitment, global recruitment, APAC talent acquisition. India talent acquisition, global talent acquisition

Our APAC service Hub is operational, supporting clients in Delhi, Gurugram (Gurgaon), and Bengaluru, partially also onsite. The new hub, located at 44 Backary Portion, 2nd Floor, Regal Building, IN-110001 New Delhi, signifies more than physical presence — it embodies our team's spirit for creativity, collaboration, and innovation.

Connect with Us

Empower your Talent Acquisition capabilities with Serendi. For details on our new APAC hub, contact us at

Stay tuned for our new ventures in North America and Latin America. Exciting updates coming soon!


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