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Is Hybrid Recruitment Solution the Best One for Your Company?

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Think of Hybrid RPO as the offspring of the classic End-to-end Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) and your in-house Talent Acquisition (TA) dream team. It takes the best of both worlds: the scalability and expertise of an RPO provider with the personal touch and company knowledge of your internal team.

When would you need this kind of solution?

The answer to the question from the title “Is Hybrid Recruitment Solution the Best One for Your Company?” can be a very simple one – it is an answer between YES and NO. But to answer this question, there are a few important topics to start with:

  1. Does your company have an in-house TA team?

  2. Do your company’s recruitment needs exceed your TA team's capacity?

  3. Does your TA team lack the knowledge of the geography and/or function you need to hire?

  4. Do you require advanced technology and resources for high-quality candidate sourcing?

  5. Do your candidate's experiences suffer because of a lack of time to dedicate to each person?

These basic guideline questions can help you understand whether you need a Hybrid Recruitment Solution.

How can a Hybrid recruitment solution transform your recruitment process?

Here's why this might be the perfect cure for your recruitment woes:

  • You're Drowning in Resumes: Imagine having a dedicated team of recruiters tackling your ever-growing applicant pool. Hybrid RPO frees you up to focus on strategic initiatives, like crafting the perfect employee experience.

  • Finding Unicorns is Hard (and Expensive): Need that elusive marketing guru who speaks fluent meme and breathes SEO? Hybrid RPO gives you access to a wider talent pool and a higher chance of finding that perfect fit.

  • Internal Expertise is Your Secret Sauce: Hybrid RPO doesn't replace your in-house team, it complements them. We’ll leverage your company knowledge to find the right cultural fit, while you leverage our expertise to attract and engage top talent.

  • Cost-Effective Efficiency: Scaling up an internal recruitment team is expensive. Hybrid RPO gives you access to a larger team without breaking the bank. Plus, we handle things like advanced recruitment technology, taking another weight off your shoulders.

It would sound like this in one sentence - The best of both worlds. So, if you aim to streamline your hiring process, reduce your hiring headache and get field experts to act as your extended arm, the Hybrid RPO solution might be the perfect fit!

If this resonates with your company’s needs, here you can download the free Hybrid RPO brochure to learn more.

What can you expect when you partner with Serendi?

  • Seamless integration via an embedded team model

  • Efficient control over Talent Acquisition governance

  • Optimized cost-risk reduction

  • Dynamic scalability for rapid adjustments

  • Precise mirroring of your Talent Acquisition processes and technology

Success stories speak louder than words

We not only discuss our plans, but we execute them effectively. This is how we helped a global high-tech giant facing a global recruitment restructuring program.

304 IT hires in 8 months

Our global high-tech client needed support with ramping up their cyber-security division. Serendi allowed the in-house team to focus on top-tier roles, streamlining intricate IT recruitments. With our 15-member agile team, the first 80 crucial recruitments were seamlessly managed in just 4 weeks. Targeted strategies doubled shortlisted candidates, adding 4,000 potentials to talent pools. Our swift response to META and Twitter layoffs targeted 2,500 profiles within three days. This efficient Hybrid RPO approach solidified Serendi as a paramount recruitment partner for our esteemed client. Our dedication resulted in the expansion of collaboration with the client beyond the first-agreed geographies. Serendi is now also supporting this client in their newly-opened offices across Europe.

This is only one example of how we can help. If you want to hear more success stories, just reach out and let's chat about how we can help you build your dream team.


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