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At Serendi, our recruiters find the best talent for our clients. Our clients are multinational companies and organizations from various sectors including: Engineering, Pharmaceuticals, Automotive, FMCG...

As their Talent Acquisition Partner, we are an integrated part of their organization and share their vision of recruiting. We bring our expertise in talent markets and in smooth recruitment processes to make recruitment a positive experience.

Our 10 Engagements towards candidates:

  • If we connect with you, it is because we have a job opportunity for you and not just to add another CV in our database.   


  • We keep our application process as easy as possible. No need to enter the same data over and over again.  


  • We will always take the time to understand your CV: where you are in your career and what you want to achieve.  


  • Our HR consultants are great listeners, which makes them outstanding recruiters.  


  • We treat all candidates equally, regardless of their age, gender, and culture.  


  • We are committed to giving you feedback after every step of the process: application, phone interview, and personal meeting/interview.  


  • If the position isn't the right fit for you we will always be available to provide you with more detailed feedback via phone. Feel free to give us a call.  


  • We are always available for our candidates.  


  • Confidentiality is extremely important to us. Trust us, we will not get the attention of your current employer.  


  • We respect our candidates as much as our clients.


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