• Serendi

Advanced Candidate Sourcing. What makes candidate sourcing different ?

Candidate sourcing requires very specific knowledge, a lot of experience, and accomplished sourcing skills - which is different than recruiting. That is why we say recruiters and headhunters are not sourcers. 

Typically, the main focus of a recruiter does not include actively searching for candidates. Recruiters consult internally with the line managers, define job descriptions, select candidates, lead interviews, manage offers and finally onboard new hires. This means recruiters should be highly skilled in communications, consulting and selection. 

Headhunters also work differently - normally they only search for the executive level candidates. They network heavily with the C-levels target audience - the process is long and the selection process is very intensive. Fees are high due to this very intensive process as compared to a sourcing recruiter's fee. 

If sourcers (sourcing recruiters - also called sourcing consultants) want to be successful they need to have a detailed understanding of social networks, web 2.0, newsgroups, blogs etc. and knowledge of how to successfully navigate and search these channels. They have to be very adaptive and flexible and need to know how to effectively communicate with each unique target group. 

Sourcers need to have distinctive qualities; they need to be persistent and patient. They need to be precise and consistently apply effective methodologies in their work and be very organized. The ability to work within a team is also crucial for the sharing of information. It is also very important that they stay informed on the newest sourcing techniques and technologies.